About Us


Mike was born and raised in Kent, Ohio.

Kline 1He fell in love with woodworking when he first set foot in the 7th grade woodshop. In high school Mike took every woodshop class twice and helped teach the basic woods class during his senior year.

In Vocational Construction class, one of the assignments was to build a short wall section and to tape and finish the drywall. Mike built a curved wall instead, which forever changed his way of thinking and paved the road for his career in custom projects.

Over 24 years later and Mike still prefers to design and build one of a kind custom projects, especially those packed with lots of details.

His work is on display in some of the finest estates in the Summit and Cuyahoga County areas because for most of his career he has worked for some of the highest quality builders in the area.


Kline 3Favorite part of the business: 

Working with quality minded clients and making their visions and dreams for their home a reality, through design and helping to find the materials to bring a collaborative idea to life.


Interests / hobbies :

Mike has many interests, many of which include modifying or customizing motorcycles, cars, engines, bicycles, anything and everything… This started in his childhood; he was often in trouble with his parents for taking things apart and “modifying” them when he was a kid. Mike always made sure that when he tore his bicycle apart, he always put it back together with better grease and modified parts..  This is probably where the roots of his love for two wheeled vehicles was planted.. To this day Mike is heavily involved in bicycles, especially Mountain Biking. He is an active IMBA Member and is involved with MTB trail maintenance, building, advocacy and is an active mountain bike racer.