Custom Built-Ins

Custom built in cabinets/furniture are fun to design/build and often add a really interesting detail to the interior of your residence. Here’s some built in cabinet projects we have worked on and some details explaining how Mike figures out to produce exactly what his client needs:

Book Cases:

• How many books or other items will be on the shelves?

• Average book depth dimensions?

• Do you want the cabinet to blend and match with the existing

• Hidden down lighting or up lighting?

• Stained or color lacquer finish? interior, or totally contrast?

Built in locker/benches:

• How many people will be using this area?

• How many pairs of shoes, coats etc need to be stored for each person? (Mike has been known to line up a whole household of the family shoes to calculate how much storage space is needed)

• Do you prefer open shelves under the bench surface or would you rather open a lid and store items inside the bench?

• Do you want the coats to hang on open hooks or behind cabinet doors?

In summary, Michael Kline & Company design and build things around your needs. We don’t feel like your needs should be compromised by trying to work with in a couple of options or cookie cutter choices. What works for one household may not work for another, that’s why were here.

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