Michael Kline and Company http://m-kline.com Northeast Ohio based interior / exterior finish carpentry contractor, specializing in the high-end luxury home market. Tue, 21 Jul 2015 02:58:02 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.6.1 Custom Built-Ins http://m-kline.com/custom-built-ins-2 http://m-kline.com/custom-built-ins-2#comments Fri, 09 Aug 2013 12:38:45 +0000 jolt http://m-kline.com/?p=610 Custom built in cabinets/furniture are fun to design/build and often add a really interesting detail to the interior of your residence. Here’s some built in cabinet projects we have worked on and some details explaining how Mike figures out to produce exactly what his client needs:

Book Cases:

• How many books or other items will be on the shelves?

• Average book depth dimensions?

• Do you want the cabinet to blend and match with the existing

• Hidden down lighting or up lighting?

• Stained or color lacquer finish? interior, or totally contrast?

Built in locker/benches:

• How many people will be using this area?

• How many pairs of shoes, coats etc need to be stored for each person? (Mike has been known to line up a whole household of the family shoes to calculate how much storage space is needed)

• Do you prefer open shelves under the bench surface or would you rather open a lid and store items inside the bench?

• Do you want the coats to hang on open hooks or behind cabinet doors?

In summary, Michael Kline & Company design and build things around your needs. We don’t feel like your needs should be compromised by trying to work with in a couple of options or cookie cutter choices. What works for one household may not work for another, that’s why were here.

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Kruse Basement http://m-kline.com/kruse-basement http://m-kline.com/kruse-basement#comments Wed, 07 Aug 2013 18:58:47 +0000 jolt http://m-kline.com/?p=581 This basement finish was designed around specifications from the homeowners who are repeat clients of ours. They knew exactly what they wanted which was an open main area with natural light, no carpeting, no noticeable posts, a built in desk area, some built in bookshelves, a guest room and a full bathroom.

Mike designed the floor plan to flow around existing utilities, beams and columns. Then he designed the fun stuff: built ins, desk, countertops, column wraps, niche shelves, and many other details.

We added a set of double hung windows in the masonry wall in the desk area to let more natural light to shine in. The old sliding glass door was removed and we installed an entry door with sidelights in its place. The existing stairs were squeaky and of carpet grade, so we tore them out and built a custom Bamboo staircase. We fabricated and installed a Bamboo handrail too. In order to make this full bathroom possible we had to add a lift pump, since the city sewer line was too high.

During the construction process, the homeowners wanted to move the location of the TV. But the new desired location had some utilities that were going to be hidden in a closet. Mike and the home owners had a brainstorm and came up with a few options but in the end, it was an entertainment center cabinet that won. But it would have to be a cabinet that moved or hinged, in order to access the utilities in that corner. Once the clients picked out a TV and sound system, Mike went to down on the design and function of the unit.

It simply pulls out like a refrigerator. All of the built in cabinets, laminate countertops, recessed panel post wraps, corner shelves, book shelves, stairs and niche shelf were built and finished in Mike’s shop in Akron.

Laundry Built-In 

This was a small job, but it has some nice details. The homeowner bought a new washer and dryer set but the pedestal was a discontinued item. She also wanted a nice cabinet with a sink and countertop to replace the fiberglass 4 legged sink base (found in 99% of all homes).

Mike found a sink base and he designed the pedestal to match the sink base and to hold the machines at a comfortable height for the homeowner. Michael Kline and Company installed the sink base; designed, fabricated, stain matched the pedestal, installed the tile splash and installed some fancy trim around the hook ups.

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Stair & Rail Work http://m-kline.com/stair-and-rail-work2 http://m-kline.com/stair-and-rail-work2#comments Tue, 25 Jun 2013 19:33:53 +0000 jolt http://m-kline.com/?p=529 Stairs and handrails are a very important component of a home from the perspectives of safety, function and design. There are special codes to follow to make the stairs and rails safe for children and elderly folks to  use. Michael Kline & Company welcomes the challenge of function while not losing focus of the particular style we are pursuing.

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Specialty Rooms http://m-kline.com/specialty-rooms http://m-kline.com/specialty-rooms#comments Fri, 11 Nov 2011 20:36:07 +0000 mkline http://m-kline.com/?p=385 Specialty rooms are unique custom spaces that are tailored around a clients’ preferences for their hobby, sport, collections or entertainment.

The design process of a specialty room spares no detail. Mike meets one-on-one with his clients, and discusses everything. He talks about the client’s needs and discusses her or his work process, what size items are going to be displayed/stored. Open shelves, glass cabinets, cabinets with doors, drawer storage etc? Mike then measures any machines, tools, supplies the client uses, and start sketching up a rough design. Mike uses this information to create a workspace that is custom-tailored to fit both the client’s needs and body like a glove.

The sewing room pictured above is a perfect example of how this design process works. This client had a specific chair that she wanted to use and specific locations for the sewing machines and various tools. With the client sitting in her chair Mike measured the distance of her elbows to the floor to establish a comfortable bench height. Next he watched her sew some fabric and he moved the machine forward and back until she determined a comfortable machine position. This was very important information since the sewing machine was to be recessed into the bench top. Mike watched closely as she ran through her sewing routine, noting where she put her scissors and other tools. It became apparent that a tray for her hand tools would be convenient on the right hand side of the machine at the same time keeping them off of the work surface.

This is what custom work is all about, Mike and his team have built a few sewing rooms… But none of them have dimensions that match… Every client has different needs/preferences and physical dimensions. We can literally build your dream specialty room around YOU.

The acupuncture room pictured below is an interesting testament to Michael Kline and Company’s attention to detail in every step of the construction process.

The homeowner wanted a room that followed the principles of good Feng Shui.

Mike spoke with the client, listened to his needs and learned what would help meet the clients’ needs – no 90 degree corners or sharp edges.

Along with the design of the shape of the room itself and the drywall work, Michael Kline and Company installed the indirect lighting hidden in a soffit long the edge of the ceiling. This gives the room a calming feel, with very soft diffused light. An electric heater was also built in to provide a warm atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing and comfortable acupuncture session.

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Master Bath Remodel http://m-kline.com/master-bath-remodel http://m-kline.com/master-bath-remodel#comments Fri, 11 Nov 2011 20:09:48 +0000 mkline http://m-kline.com/?p=382 This master bath remodel is featured in the home of repeat Michael Kline and Company clients.

Mike and the homeowners have developed a rapport throughout their meetings and time spent working together on several other home renovation projects at their home. When approached with the bathroom remodel the clients kept it short and simple.

• Specific Locations for the built-in hamper, trashcan and storage drawers.

• A “funky sink”

• Wood countertop

• And most importantly a medicine chest above the sink, as opposed to a

mirror above the sink.

• Rework the walk in closet to allow a 6’x4’ ceramic steam shower

Michael Kline & Company designed and built the vanity cabinet, medicine chest, tub front and countertop in their shop in the Merrimam Valley in Akron, Ohio.

Vanity details:

• Custom height and depth

• Recessed shaker style doors and drawer fronts

• Pull out hamper drawer unit on the right

• Pull out trash drawer unit on the left

• All doors and drawers feature “soft close” glides/hinges

• Drawer and drawer boxes are custom sized to ensure specific items to be stored would fit were the clients wanted them

• GFI outlet under sink for rechargeable items

• Custom color Lacquer finish

Medicine Chest detail:

• Same design as vanity

• Total depth of cabinet is 9” but only 5” hang over the sink (we recessed the bulk of the cabinet into the wall)

• Under cabinet light under the medicine chest which shines down on the vessel sink

• Adjustable shelving

• Custom color Lacquer finish Wood Countertop

• Mike hand selected Quarter Sawn Douglass Fir from a local mill shop

• Custom stain blend to achieve desired patina and grain flash

• Several coats of semi gloss Lacquer

Tub Front:

• Same design as the medicine chest and vanity

• Each “panel” is a hidden door

• Mike came up with a special tool to open these hidden doors a few years ago so there are no cabinet pulls, which wouldn’t look right on a tub front. So he made this tool again for these clients, you simply slide the tool in between the door panel and frame and pull the tool towards you and the door opens!

There are a ton of other details throughout this remodel that proves that Mike and his team try to think of all the finest details. For example the steam shower ceiling is out of level on purpose… Steam creates lots of moisture bubbles on the ceiling, which is no biggie, until it drips. These drips are colder than your skin temperature, therefore making the steam experience annoying. With the shower ceiling pitched toward the back wall the water bubbles simply roll back towards the back wall and down, instead of dripping on you.

With our roots in finish carpentry we tend to be a little obsessed with small details like this and hundreds of others throughout each project we work on, large or small.

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Mantles http://m-kline.com/mantles http://m-kline.com/mantles#comments Fri, 11 Nov 2011 19:03:33 +0000 mkline http://m-kline.com/?p=379 The mantle serves as a perfect finishing piece for a home. Below are a few examples of custom mantles that Michael Kline and Company has completed in and around the Akron, Ohio area.

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Interior Work http://m-kline.com/interior-work http://m-kline.com/interior-work#comments Fri, 11 Nov 2011 18:46:56 +0000 mkline http://m-kline.com/?p=376 Michael Kline and Company got its start as a finish carpentry outfit,  working for some of the highest quality builders in the area for over 20 years. All though we’ve expanded the scope of our services, interior finish work is still our passion. Interiors are one of the most economical ways to make a dramatic change to the “feel” or style of a room. Adding a couple of moldings and changing some colors can change a room in a hurry.

Here are a few interior ideas:

• Wainscoting

• Coffered ceilings

• Chair rail

• Crown mould

• Change window/door casing

• Change baseboard

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Hidden Rooms http://m-kline.com/hidden-rooms http://m-kline.com/hidden-rooms#comments Fri, 11 Nov 2011 18:43:10 +0000 mkline http://m-kline.com/?p=374 An interesting request that Michael Kline and Company has more often than you think is the construction of a hidden room.

In this featured project, the homeowners wanted something a little different than a door leading to their furnace utility room. The construction of a rotating book shelf was an elegant solution that did away with an plain door and replaced it with a cool, unique feature to show the friends and family.

Perfect for any mystery novel fan!

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Garage Interiors http://m-kline.com/garage-interiors http://m-kline.com/garage-interiors#comments Fri, 11 Nov 2011 18:35:49 +0000 mkline http://m-kline.com/?p=372 A garage is often a handyman – or woman’s sanctuary. Contact Michael Kline and Company to discuss your goals for your garage, and we can help draft a custom plan to give you a clean, organized and efficient workspace crafted specifically to your needs.

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Exteriors http://m-kline.com/exteriors http://m-kline.com/exteriors#comments Fri, 11 Nov 2011 18:32:15 +0000 mkline http://m-kline.com/?p=368 Michael Kline and Company has extensive exterior carpentry experience too. It’s important to have an experienced crew work on exterior projects for several reasons. The number one reason is water. Water is trump, especially when it freezes and turns to ice. Special flashing techniques are one of the secrets to keeping water out.

There are also polymer materials, concrete siding materials, high tech caulks and adhesives that all have special installation procedures that must be followed.

Decks are one of the most important projects to have an experienced crew work on. Especially how and where it attaches to the house. Special hardware, rubber flashing, aluminum flashing and some other procedures must be followed to ensure the deck stays on the house. Especially when its loaded with people or snow and to keep the water from damaging the structural integrity of the house.

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