How to Work with Us

As founder and owner of Michael Kline and Company, Mike Kline runs both the day-to-day operations of the company and will be the primary contact on your project from start to finish.

 What you can expect from us:

1) Respect and understanding – we devote a great deal of time to understanding your goals and needs, from estimating your renovation project to ensuring satisfaction all along the way, and we’ll respect your input throughout the process.

2) Attention to detail – it’s in the details where the differences are made, and we are very aware of this fact.

3) A true feeling of “partner,” not just a contractor – we love coming alongside you, whether to help make your dream kitchen a reality or to simply repair an outdated staircase railing.

What we’ll expect from you:

1) Trust in our knowledge and expertise

2) Respect of our time, from estimating to final walk-through

3) Openness throughout the project – if you’re not happy, we want to know right away; if you’re thrilled, we want to know that, too!

4) Spread the word – we’re confident your expectations will be exceeded! When you’re happy, you tell people about it, right?

If this sounds good to you, we’d love to talk with you more. If both of us feel it will be a good fit, a deposit is taken and a spec-book is drawn detailing blueprints, material costs and more. We will only operate on referral for new clients. If you are serious about getting the best home renovation money can buy.