Master Bath Remodel

This master bath remodel is featured in the home of repeat Michael Kline and Company clients.

Mike and the homeowners have developed a rapport throughout their meetings and time spent working together on several other home renovation projects at their home. When approached with the bathroom remodel the clients kept it short and simple.

• Specific Locations for the built-in hamper, trashcan and storage drawers.

• A “funky sink”

• Wood countertop

• And most importantly a medicine chest above the sink, as opposed to a

mirror above the sink.

• Rework the walk in closet to allow a 6’x4’ ceramic steam shower

Michael Kline & Company designed and built the vanity cabinet, medicine chest, tub front and countertop in their shop in the Merrimam Valley in Akron, Ohio.

Vanity details:

• Custom height and depth

• Recessed shaker style doors and drawer fronts

• Pull out hamper drawer unit on the right

• Pull out trash drawer unit on the left

• All doors and drawers feature “soft close” glides/hinges

• Drawer and drawer boxes are custom sized to ensure specific items to be stored would fit were the clients wanted them

• GFI outlet under sink for rechargeable items

• Custom color Lacquer finish

Medicine Chest detail:

• Same design as vanity

• Total depth of cabinet is 9” but only 5” hang over the sink (we recessed the bulk of the cabinet into the wall)

• Under cabinet light under the medicine chest which shines down on the vessel sink

• Adjustable shelving

• Custom color Lacquer finish Wood Countertop

• Mike hand selected Quarter Sawn Douglass Fir from a local mill shop

• Custom stain blend to achieve desired patina and grain flash

• Several coats of semi gloss Lacquer

Tub Front:

• Same design as the medicine chest and vanity

• Each “panel” is a hidden door

• Mike came up with a special tool to open these hidden doors a few years ago so there are no cabinet pulls, which wouldn’t look right on a tub front. So he made this tool again for these clients, you simply slide the tool in between the door panel and frame and pull the tool towards you and the door opens!

There are a ton of other details throughout this remodel that proves that Mike and his team try to think of all the finest details. For example the steam shower ceiling is out of level on purpose… Steam creates lots of moisture bubbles on the ceiling, which is no biggie, until it drips. These drips are colder than your skin temperature, therefore making the steam experience annoying. With the shower ceiling pitched toward the back wall the water bubbles simply roll back towards the back wall and down, instead of dripping on you.

With our roots in finish carpentry we tend to be a little obsessed with small details like this and hundreds of others throughout each project we work on, large or small.

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