Specialty Rooms

Specialty rooms are unique custom spaces that are tailored around a clients’ preferences for their hobby, sport, collections or entertainment.

The design process of a specialty room spares no detail. Mike meets one-on-one with his clients, and discusses everything. He talks about the client’s needs and discusses her or his work process, what size items are going to be displayed/stored. Open shelves, glass cabinets, cabinets with doors, drawer storage etc? Mike then measures any machines, tools, supplies the client uses, and start sketching up a rough design. Mike uses this information to create a workspace that is custom-tailored to fit both the client’s needs and body like a glove.

The sewing room pictured above is a perfect example of how this design process works. This client had a specific chair that she wanted to use and specific locations for the sewing machines and various tools. With the client sitting in her chair Mike measured the distance of her elbows to the floor to establish a comfortable bench height. Next he watched her sew some fabric and he moved the machine forward and back until she determined a comfortable machine position. This was very important information since the sewing machine was to be recessed into the bench top. Mike watched closely as she ran through her sewing routine, noting where she put her scissors and other tools. It became apparent that a tray for her hand tools would be convenient on the right hand side of the machine at the same time keeping them off of the work surface.

This is what custom work is all about, Mike and his team have built a few sewing rooms… But none of them have dimensions that match… Every client has different needs/preferences and physical dimensions. We can literally build your dream specialty room around YOU.

The acupuncture room pictured below is an interesting testament to Michael Kline and Company’s attention to detail in every step of the construction process.

The homeowner wanted a room that followed the principles of good Feng Shui.

Mike spoke with the client, listened to his needs and learned what would help meet the clients’ needs – no 90 degree corners or sharp edges.

Along with the design of the shape of the room itself and the drywall work, Michael Kline and Company installed the indirect lighting hidden in a soffit long the edge of the ceiling. This gives the room a calming feel, with very soft diffused light. An electric heater was also built in to provide a warm atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing and comfortable acupuncture session.

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